Sunday, November 10, 2013

Saki anime supposedly in the works

Saki anime supposedly in the works

According to the AnimeNation New Blog:

"The Moon Phase diary reports that Gonzo is tentatively planned to develop an anime adaptation of Ritz Kobayashi's manga series Saki, the story of a high school girl with a unique talent for playing mahjong. If anything, though, this show would be an excellent test to see if anything done by Gonzo is "gold" over here.

I haven't read any of Saki, but I do have a couple of chapters that are out, so I'll probably try it oyut and see how it is.

I didn't say it was. It's just that I think that people who are going to watch Saki for the fanservice would stop watching because of all the "indecipherable mahong stuff" (or whatever people could say) getting in the way. Kendo is an easy sport to pick up and understand and watch. Mahjong isn't, and could be more of a detractor for people who don't want to bother understanding even the basics.

As for your avatar/Shion no Ou, from what I saw I honestly didn't see any real fanservice. Of course, I didn't see much, but I still didn't get any real feeling that fanservice would be a big focus. Shion no Ou is part mystery story, part shogi anime, which is how I viewed the show.

Really, the whole focus I put on mahjong was in relation to Saki's chances at getting licensed, anyway, and not what the the show's focus is. I just can't see how any R1 company could successfully release this anime without focusing any bit on the mahjong, which would honestly detract more people than attract.

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